Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rochor tau huey

C says:

I’m sure everyone is aware of the Rochor tau huey (beancurd) dispute. It was the subject of two lengthy Sunday Lifestyle articles last year, with each family member giving their side of the story. The details of the family dispute baffle me; all I know is that the stall on the right (if you’re facing the two stalls) is the Rochor Original Beancurd, and the one on the left is the so-called underdog, used to be Beancurd City (and is apparently now yet another stall run by yet another sibling. Trying to figure out the latest instalment in the family drama is enough to do your head in, and frankly, I don’t care who’s right or wrong, as long as I can get good tau huey.

Since the articles came out, we’ve been supporting the stall formerly known as (TSFKA) Beancurd City, mainly because the queues are shorter. On Saturday night, we decided to do a taste test once and for all, and ta bao-ed a tub of each home. Each tub is $1. First up was a simple comparison on volume. The photo below depicts the position of the stalls – on the left is TSFKA Beancurd City, and the right is the original Rochor. Look at the difference in amount!

A taste test followed (we tried them hot, about 20 minutes after buying them). TSFKA Beancurd City tau huey was silky smooth and fine; Rochor’s was just slightly less so, but still very fine compared to other generic stalls. Rochor’s sugar syrup was much sweeter compared to TSFKA Beancurd City one. It was much more apparent when you have a spoonful of the Rochor one, then a spoonful of TSFKA Beancurd City one. TSFKA Beancurd City one is tasteless in comparison. However, if you eat them separately, I prefer TSFKA Beancurd City because it’s lighter on the sugar, and therefore much more refreshing. The Rochor one gets a bit too sweet and cloying after a while.

Conclusion? For me, TSFKA Beancurd City wins. They’re really polite as well. A will beg to differ, though.

A says:

Taste-wise, I think I prefer Rochor tau huey just cause I have a sweet tooth. But seeing as how they’re both good anyway, I think the deciding factor for me would be availability of seating (if I was eating there) or whichever had the shortest queue.

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