Monday, January 01, 2007

Ramen special report

C says:

After finally crossing Tampopo off our ramen list, and not-so-hot on the heels of our Pizza Month Summary, we now bring you our respective lists for Singapore’s Top 5 ramen joints:

1) 1 and 2 were a hard fight, but the quality of the ingredients narrowly pushed Tampopo to the #1 spot

2) Ken’s Noodle House, for the amazing stewed egg and the fact that it’s such an unpretentious hole-in-the wall place.

3) Miharu, with its deliciously springly noodles and just slightly too oily soup. It was edged out of the #2 spot by Ken’s simply because getting a table here is so touch-and-go.

4) Ichibantei, for the kyushu ramen and the ice cream machine.

5) Ohsho, the least impressive of the lot but still fairly decent.

A says:

Mine’s in a different order.

1) Ken’s Noodle House – Solid simple food

2) Tampopo – Nice variety with lots of choices

3) Ichibantei – Ramen’s nothing great but I’d go there for my ice cream

4) Ohsho – Not as good as Ken’s but has better selection of sides.

5) Miharu – Flavours just a bit too strong and the oil they use to retain heat is not my thing.

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