Saturday, January 13, 2007


C says:

This is our new favourite place to grab a quick bite at VivoCity. It’s a simple fast food joint located in basement 2, serving grilled burgers and hot dogs. On Saturday we tried their hotdogs since they’re called Superdog, after all. I had the Superdog – a German bratwurst with bacon, sliced tomatoes, chopped onions and chili. It was an absolute mess to eat but it was delicious. The bratwurst was juicy and not overly seasoned, the bun was nice and soft and the chili was a nice alternative to ketchup. The onions were a little overpowering though; maybe I’ll try to get them to put sauerkraut instead.

A had the bacon ripper, which is a chicken (or beef) frankfurter grilled until the skin ‘rips’, then wrapped with bacon, topped with relish and mustard. I preferred mine; A preferred his.

We shared an order of chili cheese fries too. The chili was pretty good, but it could’ve been a bit meatier because now it just seemed like a sauce. The fries were great though, perfectly crispy and not excessively salted.

Next time we come, I’m trying a burger. They claim to use 100% chuck steak for their patties – no other meat or other dodgy parts, and that they never freeze their patties. If their burgers are as good as their patties, then this may just overtake Carl’s Jr as our fast food burger joint of choice.

A says:

This is definitely my new favourite fast food joint. They might not have enough service counters (only one operating when we got there) so the wait might be long. At least the girl taking our order wasn’t bad looking and really knew her hot dogs (heh heh). And the hot dogs are really good and I’m definitely going back to try the burger. The fries are nice but the chili was a bit watery and didn’t have enough beef bits.

Update 22 April 2007: I tried one of the normal Chicken Rippers because i had a discount coupon and it sucked. Will stick with the Bacon Ripper even if i have to pay a little more.

B2-40, VivoCity

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