Sunday, January 14, 2007


C says:

The rain on Sunday forced us indoors for lunch, so we headed over to the new Velocity @ Novena Square (yes that’s how it’s spelt) to check it out.

Since A was still on a hot dog high from Superdog, he was immediately drawn to this joint, which seems to be a franchise of Deliwheels; it even serves New Zealand Natural Ice Cream! Besides hot dogs, they also have pasta, meatballs and a few other main courses on their menu.

To say that they’re new and probably still have teething problems is an understatement. The Filipino waitress was incredibly blur, and even though A ordered a hot dog, he ended up getting only the sausage, because apparently to have a proper hot dog, you have to order Sausage and Bun. Sheesh….

I had an English bratwurst with pasta, which was really nothing special. The sausage was a little porky, and the pasta was, well, a generic tomato-based pasta that was completely uninspired. I had to add jalapeno peppers and tons of parmesan cheese from the condiments station for the pasta to taste remotely passable. The latte I ordered wasn’t too bad, though.

Another no-no for me was their choice of piped music. They were showing the Christina Aguilera tour on the flat-screen TV in the café, and whilst I have nothing against Christina, a live show is one of the worst choices for piped music because there’s nothing like deafening screams and cheers while I’m trying to have a peaceful lunch to set my teeth on edge.

Still, since A likes hot dogs, New Zealand Natural, AND Velocity, I guess we’ll be giving this place another chance once they sort themselves out a bit.

A says:

Maybe it’s because the place is new, but I get the impression they don’t know what they’re doing there. The hot dog is decent but if we do go back (since there’s not a lot of good food places there), it’ll be for the ice cream drinks made with New Zealand Natural. Oooo… ice cream… shakes… mochachillo… ooo…

#02-78/79, Velocity @ Novena Square

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