Friday, January 05, 2007


C says:

Since the last time we wrote about this we’ve been back a couple of times, but only recently have I copped on to the fact that you can ask for chili padi in your black dipping sauce, instead of the lifeless ordinary red chilies that do absolutely nothing for me. Now, with the kick of the chili padi, my experience here is truly complete.

We’ve also changed our ordering profile a little. We used to order a bowl of ribs each, and shared the giam chye, you char kuay and a tau pok. But lately we’ve been appreciating the good quality pork ribs so much that we now order an extra bowl of ribs to share, getting rid of the mediocre tau pok in the process.

Finally, to show you just how much we enjoyed our dinner on Friday, here’s a parting shot – evidence of my superior bone sucking prowess, har har.

A says:

She like meat and she shure like the bone!

Not much new to add except to say that the amount of meat on most of the big ribs is amazing. In fact, you could just order 3 bowls of ribs and no sides for one person. It’s just like ordering a rack of baby backs at an American chain restaurant, only much cheaper and much tastier. Coming from a potato-eater like me, that’s high praise.

Founder Rou Gu Cha Restaurant
347 Balestier Road
Opening hours: Noon - 2pm, 6pm - 3am, closed on Tuesdays

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Anonymous said...

Time for you to try Bak Kut Teh at the kopitiam on Jln Datoh which is an offshoot off Balestier Road. This is the best in terms of soup for me but you can't just order the ribs (which makes Founder better) but I'd like to know which you think is better. Go try it. We always end up ordering just the soup and pork cos the mee pok stall in that same coffee shop is the best in a 10 mile radius. Go check it out. S