Monday, January 22, 2007

Dome, Shaw House

C says:

This place, occupying where Pasta Fresca used to be in Shaw House (Isetan Scotts), was quite an unexpected discovery. We were shopping at Isetan on Monday night, and had originally planned to have dinner at NYDC in Wheelock Place, but we got lazy and were loathe to even walk the short distance to get there. (Yes, yes, we’re willing to run 2.4 km but can’t walk the length of the underpass…)

As we were trying to think of a place to go in Isetan, Dome suddenly caught our eye. The menu looked fairly interesting, so we decided to give it a try.

I’m really glad we did, because this turned out to be a pretty good meal. I had one of the Chef’s Specials – the Spicy Crayfish Pasta with Crabmeat Sauce. The spiciness in the sauce certainly creeps up on you unexpectedly. I showered black pepper on it because it looked and tasted a little lackluster at first bite, but after 2 or 3 mouthfuls the heat does catch up with you. Still, for $14.90 you get 3 crayfish halves AND crab meat in the sauce, so even though the sauce was quite a generic tomato-based one, I really can’t complain. I also saw quite a number of other dishes that I wouldn’t mind trying (the Chili Con Carne Tortilla springs to mind), so I’m sure we’ll be back here again in the future.

A had the smoked salmon tortilla, which came with a side salad and some potato chips (crisps, not fries). The chips were accompanied by a pico de gallo sauce, which tasted pretty much like a smoother and zestier salsa, and was a very interesting and tasty dip for the chips. I kept imagining that there was alcohol in the sauce, but I think it was just the presence of the lime juice, which made me think about tequila or a margarita. The tortilla itself was nice and crispy and was surprisingly non-messy to eat because the edges were nicely sealed so no filling tumbled out.

We also shared a chicken and mushroom bruschetta, which could actually have been the best dish of the night. Slices of baguette were topped with roast chicken slices, a pesto spread, sliced button mushrooms and melted mozzarella cheese. All the flavours went together surprisingly well, and the chicken was still tender and juicy.

The only downer was my Chai Vanilla Latte – it was quite insipid and frankly, it tasted like the chai that I can make at home with my Lipton chai tea bags. A’s ice blended coffee was right up his alley, though.

A says:

Actually, I found the Dome while waiting for C to finish shopping. And I was equally as enticed by the menu as the 5% off for Isetan card members. It turns out they have other credit card promotions (which we are willing to sell-out and name only if they offer to sponsor us – a la some more prominent food bloggers).

While I expected my Espreski – espresso, milk, gelato and ice lightly blended and served in a milkshake glass – to be good (it RAWKED), the standard of the food wasn’t bad either. And the selection had lots of stuff I’d eat. Considering what a picky eater I am, that’s a pretty good thing.

The service was friendly but because we got a trainee server, a bit inefficient. Full marks for her efforts though. The food also took quite long to be prepared, especially since the place was only 1/10 full.

If not for the wait, this place would be ideal for a coffee and quick bite in the Lido area. Right now, it’ll be an even fight between this, BigO and NYDC. Still, I’ll probably be back here for the Espreski at least.

#04-00 Shaw House
Tel: 6836-9778

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