Saturday, January 06, 2007

Café Galilee

C says:

Dinner on Saturday was pretty surreal. We went to Jurong to meet A’s folks, thinking that we’d probably just have a light Kolo mee dinner. Instead, we ended up at Café Galilee, the in-house café in the Jurong Regional library (indeed, the in-house café at almost all the national libraries), because A’s folks had some coffee vouchers there.

Whenever we come to the library, the smell from the café is always pretty enticing because it smells like fried chicken wings all the time. Because we had such a late and heavy lunch, I just had a side order of chicken wings which, while passable, were a tad disappointing because they only used the mini drumlet, which is my least favourite part of the wing.

A had the Galilee Special, which is karaage chicken pieces with pasta. The chicken was tender and crispy on the outside, but the spaghetti was really quite bad. I guess one cannot expect al dente pasta in a place like this – the spaghetti was overcooked, but what made it worse was the sauce. It was a really synthetic-tasting tomato sauce, which made the whole thing taste like tinned spaghetti.

However, the coffee here kinda redeemed the place. A had the latte and I had the cappuccino, both of which were a lot better than I expected – sufficiently strong and not dishwater.

It was an interesting experience, but it’s just too weird to hang out for no reason in the library café amidst groups of students, so unless we have a particular purpose I doubt we’ll be Café Galilee regulars.

A says:

The chicken wasn’t bad but the spaghetti was very blah. The service was decent but the main course items really aren’t that worth it. The big surprise was the very decent latte for just $2.80. I might actually pick one up the next time we’re at the library. But like C says, actually having a meal there is pretty weird.

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