Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sunset Bar & Grill

C says:

Friday was certainly a foodie day for us. We headed off to Sunset Bar & Grill for dinner, just the two of us, because we had a craving for their wings again, as well as their mini burgers.

Most of the dishes we ordered were old-time favourites that we always order – the calamari, level 3 buffalo wings and the brownie. The calamari was slightly tough on this occasion, but the wings were great, albeit particularly spicy this time around, and the brownie was superb – extra fudgy and chocolatey.

A dish that we’ve recently discovered here is their mini burgers. One order comes with 4 cute little mini burgers, with just a beef patty and a ring of sautéed white onion that’s really sweet and juicy. The tiny patties may not be as juicy as regular-sized ones, but they certainly don’t lack any flavour. They’ve very simple and nothing like Iggy’s wagyu burger, but when you’re just in the mood for a no-frills burger, these adorable ones really hit the spot.

I have only a minor complaint about this place, which is that the service isn’t spectacular, but I guess in some perverse way, that’s all part of the quirky charm of this place.

A says:

There is one guy that provides good service (besides Jerry and his wife of course), and he tends to stick out like a sore thumb. The Sunset experience should generally involve:

1. An adventure finding the ulu place.
2. Expecting long waits, bad service and good food.
3. Hoping for a cool, breezy night and maybe a plane landing/take-off.
4. Extensive debate about what to order from among the many good items they have so you’ll still have room for the brownie and ice cream.

Sunset Grill & Pub
Republic of Singapore Flying Club
140-B Piccadilly
Seletar Airbase, East Camp
Tel: 6482-0244
Open Mon to Sun (Closed on Tues) at 4 pm, last order at 9.30 pm


Anonymous said...

I've been to Jerry's and Buckaroo's, but not Sunset. Could you please share the address and brief directions? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've amended the post to include the address. As for directions, brief ones are:
- Take the CTE towards the North
- Exit at TPE (the exit right after Yio Chu Kang)
- After exiting, veer right to enter the TPE, follow the expressway briefly, and take the first exit with the signage "Jalan Kayu/Seletar Airbase"
- Once you enter the Airbase, make your way to the Seletar Golf Clubhouse, and keep following the signs that say "East Camp"
- Following the "East Camp" signs will eventually lead you to Sunset.
- For more detailed directions and a map, call me : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Will follow your directions to Sunset this weekend!

Grace said...

thanks for sharing this. the burger looks awesome. must be so yummy! can't wait to try one.