Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Miss Clarity Café

C says:

Located along Purvis Street, this place, with its cheerful bright pink décor, immediately catches your eye. A sees it all the time when he walks by the area, and we’ve read some pretty good reviews about it as well, so we decided to check it out on Saturday.

We were the only table when we got there at about 11.30 am. The walls are bright pink with funky cartoon decals, which leads me to wonder who the regular clientele is. It would appear to be a student hangout, but what schools are there in the area? SMU maybe?

Anyway the food is passable, and very reasonable. Don’t expect fine dining for the amount you pay, though. I think it very much depends on what you order. A had the Garlic Crusted Dory:

This was labeled ‘Clarity’s Choice’ on the menu, for good reason. The fish was wonderfully fresh and the garlic breadcrumb crust was nice and crispy. Very good value at only $8.

The Pork Roulade that I wanted to order was sold out, so I ended up ordering the Lamb with Provence Crust, which was lamb chops crusted with provence herbs. This was a disappointment. The lamb was incredibly tough and chewy, and the tomato sauce that accompanied it was far too sour.

For $3 more, you can have a set meal with a soup, drink and dessert. The dessert was either mango pudding (A recoiled in horror) or a bread and butter pudding that was surprisingly good. All in all, there were some hits and misses, but generally this place is a nice cheerful place to have a meal if you’re in the vicinity.

A says:

Was a bit concerned that we were the only ones there, but I think it was because it was early on a Saturday. The staff are very friendly and handled all the orders well, even though I don’t think they’re English speaking.

The menu had some interesting items like escargot, but I stuck to the safer options like Clarity’s Choices (marked by her picture on the menu).

If you work in the area, this place is well worth a visit for lunch. I probably will.

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