Sunday, November 05, 2006

A-Roy Thai revisited

C says:

In our trademark boring fashion, when we went to A-Roy Thai again on Friday night, we had the exact same dishes as we did the last time we were here. But now that we’ve just acquired a new camera, we’ve got some photos of the food. This is the tom yam kuay teow soup.

One of the friendly owners spotted me fishing out the slices of lemongrass which, though I like the fragrance to perfume the soup, it’s too hard to actually eat. She said in future, I can ask them to just smash up a stalk of lemongrass so that I get the flavour, but it’s still easily removable.

We did try something new – the red ruby dessert. We shared one but next time we’re totally going to have one bowl each.

It was delicious – really thick coconut milk, and the actual red rubies were nice and sweet and had a distinct rose syrup aroma, unlike more mass produced red rubies where the red stuff is just starchy and flavourless.

I think my tom yam kuay teow cravings have been duly satiated, so next time we come here, I think I’ll try the claypot tung hoon with prawns. Yum…

A says:

I’m really surprised that the place was almost full when we went on the Friday night. With more customers, the service can be slow at times. The older staff are really nice and efficient but the younger ones tend to look confused and overwhelmed.

It appears A-Roy Thai is going to be our place of choice for Thai food now. While I’m still not a fan of Thai food in general, I’m hooked on the iced coffee and red rubies. I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t take things really sweet or coconutty though.


Anonymous said...

The tom yum kuay teow looks absolutely yummy...

Anonymous said...

HC says:

This is definitely one of the best for Thai food. The tom yum soup is in a class of its own. Appetizer's good too :)