Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Majestic Restaurant

C says:

We finally made it back here to have the good stuff that we had on our first trip here – the Majestic starter trio, the rib eye and the lamb with carrot cake. We’ve written about these dishes extensively in our earlier post, so we won’t say much more here, besides putting up some photos and making even more yummy noises about the food.

I couldn’t resist and had to have the trio of pan fried foie gras with peking duck and a deep fried wasabi prawn again. I can take or leave the prawn, even though it was pretty good, but the foie gras with duck was perfection. Big difference in quality between the foie gras here, and the one we had at White Dog Café. The foie gras was perfectly done, with a really crisp outer layer yet a rich creamy inside.

Instead of sharing, we each had one order of the rib eye with sesame sauce, and the grilled rack of lamb with carrot cake. The portions, especially the rib eye, were a lot bigger than we remembered from last time. Maybe it’s also because last time, A and I shared a portion each of both dishes. It was such satisfaction having our own servings this time. The beef was really thin but very tender, and although I’m not a kimchi fan, it surprisingly was very well-paired with the kimchi on the side, adding a slightly sour edge to the very rich taste of the beef.

The lamb and carrot cake was divine as usual. Meltingly tender lamb, and wonderful carrot cake that I wish they were more generous with. I could eat an entire plate of the carrot cake on its own. It was super soft, not starchy, and had abundant amounts of dried shrimp.

Although we only had 3 dishes each, I guess each dish was a lot more filling than we expected, and we didn’t have space for the red bean pancake, or any dessert for that matter. I’m glad we went back again, because this time it was a lot more satisfying and value-for-money than the astronomical price tag the last time, and allowed us to more fully appreciate the really good food here.

A says:

This time, I definitely ate too much. No wonder the waitress stared at me as I ordered three mains. So despite the prices (high, but not astronomical), it was pretty worth it for a rare treat.

All in all, this is another place I’d frequent if money was flying out my ass. Not too often though, as they seem to specialize more in seafood and I’d go strictly for the beef, lamb and the dessert.

Majestic Restaurant
31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road
Tel: 6511-4718

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