Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sashimi House Sakuraya

C says:

This is a really good traditional Japanese restaurant tucked away on the second floor of Ginza Plaza. The menu isn’t particularly extensive, and ordering the food a la carte will probably set you back quite a fair bit, but if you order the set meals, you’ll get really good quality Jap food and eat until you explode.

We’ve been here before, but had it again on Monday by accident because our attempt to have West Coast satay was thwarted due to the West Coast market being closed for a few days for spring cleaning.

At Sakuraya I had a set consisting of: cucumber and seaweed salad, mini zaru soba, three huge pieces of tempura fish, two pieces of tempura green peppers, miso soup, huge slices of 3 different kinds of sashimi, grilled teriyaki cod, a bowl of rice, and a jelly dessert. $36 isn’t the cheapest of set meals, but 2 people could easily share this.

Unfortunately we didn’t know how huge it’d be, so A had his own zaru soba and sushi platter. The sushi looked like it could’ve come from a restaurant in Japan –generous slices of fish on disproportionately small cubes of rice. Apart from their very sizeable portions, the quality of food is also very good. Each individual item of my set was delicious in its own right.

As a bonus, they serve you a Japanese version of an amuse bouche, compliments of the chef. On Monday night they gave us a few pieces of mussels baked with some unidentifiable but very yummy condiment.

A says:

The few times we’ve been here, I’ve always left satisfied. Food is good (since the fish market is right next door) and service is super. It’s a bit expensive, but when you consider how filling it actually is, it’s actually good value for money. Definitely worth trying out.

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