Sunday, November 19, 2006

Crystal Jade soya sauce chicken

C says:

Besides chicken wings in any shape, form or flavour, another food that I have a weakness for is soya sauce chicken. I think my obsession goes way back to when I used to visit K in London when we were in uni, and she brought me to have the yao gai fan at Young Cheng.

Ever since then, I find it hard to resist ordering it whenever I can at Crystal Jade-esque, dim sum restaurants. To me, the mark of a good soya sauce chicken is that it has to be just that slightest bit undercooked, to ensure that the meat is at its most tender and juicy. Even amongst the Crystal Jade restaurants, some have better soya sauce chicken than others. The one at Holland Village is a tad dry and scrawny. Plaza Singapore has a fairly decent one, as does where I got Saturday’s lunch and dinner from – C-Jade Express at the basement of Wisma Atria.

For only $10, you can get an entire chicken, but do note that this is for takeaway orders only (don’t worry, they chop it up nicely for you). Given that C-Jade Express is Crystal Jade’s fast food outlet, I was very surprised at the quality of the soya chicken here. It’s perfectly cooked (to me) and very moist and tender. It comes with the soya sauce, some spring onion oil and chili oil. I bought one for lunch, and it was way too much for A and I to finish for one meal, so we had the rest for dinner as well.

A says:

Quite cheap and good, even for someone who doesn’t normally eat this kind of chicken. Recommended for tar POW!

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