Monday, November 06, 2006

Ken’s Noodle House

C says:

After we tried but failed to locate Ken’s the last time, and ended up at Ohsho instead, on Saturday we made a beeline for Orchard Plaza and managed to find it quite easily (it’s facing Starhub building, right next to Ah Meng Café).

This was miles better than Ohsho, in my opinion. I had the stewed boiled egg ramen, which was very similar to what I had at Ohsho – ramen with tender chashu, beansprouts, spring onions and a whole stewed egg in a creamy soup. The noodles were much firmer, the chashu was softer and more tender, the soup was thicker and more flavourful. But what really took the cake was the stewed egg. It was amazing – it tasted as though it had been stewed for hours, yet the egg wasn’t dried out at all. The flavours of the soup had thoroughly been infused into the egg, and the egg yolk was still a little soft and creamy.

I still think Miharu serves slightly better ramen, but it’s definitely more of a production going there and risking not getting a table. Ken’s comes in a close second in my opinion, and I’ll definitely come here for a fairly convenient ramen fix. Probably every time I get a haircut, since my hairdresser is in the Somerset area…

A says:

When did cheap ramen get so expensive? It’s $10 to $12 a bowl nowadays. And that’s standard for most of the better ramen joints, even hole-in-the-wall places around Cuppage.

Having said that, this small joint had one of the best ramens I’ve had. If you sit at the counter, you get to watch them make it, and it’s not as simple as I thought.

You don’t get a lot of choices though. 5 kinds of ramen, a few sides and that’s it. Still if you want good, simple ramen, this is the place to go. Simple food for simple folk.

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