Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Home Catering – The Spotted Pig at home

C says:

S had a birthday party at her place on Saturday night (Happy Birthday S!), and got her cousin Michael Han to cater. Michael is a pastry chef at Canele Patisserie, and has his own private home catering set-up as well. I was very impressed with the food – they were all his own creations and were very professionally executed. Here’s the menu for the evening:

One of the best presentations for the starters was the prawn Caesar sandwiches – check them out:

Another creative use of utensils was little lab beakers to contain the chilled cucumber gazpacho. The soup itself wasn’t quite up my alley, but A surprisingly liked it a lot.

Out of the starters, my favourites were the vine cherry tomato and sausage salad, and the braised ham hock with pea puree, which was presented in individual glass bowls.

The main courses were Moroccan chicken wings, a chilli con carne made with wagyu beef, and orriechette with lamb shoulder. The chilli was delicious and the meat, being wagyu beef, was wonderfully tender. I enjoyed the wings most of all (what’s new) – they were well marinated, slightly spicy and meltingly tender, with the meat falling off the bone without even being coaxed.

Finally came dessert. There was individual lemon tarts which were nice albeit a little on the sour side, and of course the highlight which was the birthday cake – a lovely chocolate mousse cake with almond paste and a biscuity layer.

This may be a not-so-subtle plug, but really I was very impressed with dinner as a whole. He even roasted the duck himself for the Asian Roast Duck, rather than taking the easy way out and buying it from Johnson Lock or something. No wonder the duck was exceptionally tender and succulent.

So you can either call the number that’s on the menu, or alternatively let me know and I can ask S to liaise with him, if you’d like to explore the possibility of getting Michael to cater for your own private party.

A says:

The food was interesting, even though nothing really stood out (except maybe the chilli con carne with wagyu beef).

Presentation was nice and it’ll probably be good for small parties of 8 to 12 people. Maybe we had too many people there because it became a fight for the food at first and I had stuff in the wrong order.

This guy’s definitely going to be a chef to watch out for in the future though.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely agree. Michael Han is a chef to watch out for. Food was good but I felt that he couldn't cope with the demand. Perhaps it's cause he had to work in a "new kitchen" - food was prepared at S' home (and not shipped in via van etc) OR cause there were too many hungry mouths to feed. Perhaps a combination of both.

Still, for all it's worth, dinner was great :)