Saturday, November 18, 2006


C says:

We went to Iggy’s for lunch again on Friday. We had pretty similar dishes to those we had the last time we came, but we were armed with a camera this time so you can get a better idea of how the food looked.

The amuse bouche was the same as the last time – a pumpkin puree and sesame tofu, which leads me to wonder if it was just coincidence, or is it a standard lunch starter?

For our first course, I had the linguini with truffle salsa cooked in a chicken jus. This was delicious – they clearly didn’t skimp on the truffle salsa, and there was an added parmesan flavour to the thick sauce that added a nice complement to the truffle.

A had the tuna carpaccio with rocket, truffle mayonnaise and shaved parmesan. This was well presented but was a little lacking in flavour. The rocket and the thickly sliced parmesan somewhat overwhelmed the delicate flavour of the tuna.

Of course, we couldn’t not have the Iggy’s wagyu burger again, so we both ordered this as our main. I deliberated trying something new, but A was definitely ordering the burger so I knew I would regret any alternative choice when I saw him chowing down on it. I’m glad we were boring, because this was as awesome as I remembered it. Here are a couple of photos (including a bitten one to show how juicy the patty is) that still don’t do it full justice.

Finally, dessert. A had the molten chocolate cake again (I swear he has female taste buds), but I decided to try something new. I had the mango tarte tatin with grated coconut, served with young coconut sorbet. This was surprisingly good – again, like the last time, the tart’s pastry was flaky perfection, and the mango didn’t overwhelm. In fact, it was so subtle that A managed to have a bite or two (he who thinks mango is second only to durian in vileness…). The young coconut sorbet was extremely interesting. It really tasted like an intense flavour-packed version of the juice from a fresh coconut. Incredibly authentic and wonderfully refreshing.

Once again, another extremely pleasant experience at Iggy’s. The waiters were really friendly and didn’t have that air of taking themselves too seriously, and most importantly made us feel welcome and at home.

A says:

The food ROCKS! Best burger ever! The rest of the stuff is pretty good too. Makes me wonder how good the $75 Wagyu Steak set is. If I was printing money, I’d eat here every day.

Anyway, the service was excellent, even though they could tell we were simple folk out to treat ourselves. They even put us in the private room so we wouldn’t scare the usual chi-chi crowd at the counter. (C says: Dude, that’s not true! The waiter said the counter was already full when we arrived. We don’t look that hillbilly…)

Note to self: Cappuccino RAWKS! Worth the $8 price tag to cap the meal.

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Great photos!