Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sushi Tei – one year on

C says:

HA!!! It took more than a year to prove that I was indeed right! When we had the amazing aburi sushi at Sushi Tei back in May last year, it was part of the Spring promotion, and when I gave my feedback that they ought to add it to the regular menu, the hostess said that other customers had given similar feedback so the management was considering making it a permanent menu item. A disagreed, claiming that the woman only told me that she’d relay my comments to get me off her back.

Well, as usual I was right, because… It’s now on the permanent menu!! They have both the assorted platter, and individual plates consisting of 2 pieces of each variety. We were so excited that we ordered 2 platters – one each.

(Clockwise from top left: scallop, yellowtail, sea bream, tuna belly (otoro), swordfish, salmon belly)

If you recall our previous post, the aburi sushi is in a mind-blowing world of its own, because the fish is still rare inside, but with a charred and smoky exterior. They probably use a blowtorch to sear the fish. It was awesome, and a good alternative for those who don’t like totally raw sushi. While all 6 are very good, some stand out more than others. The swordfish and sea bream are slightly more ordinary. The scallop is lovely and sweet, and the otoro is tender yet full-bodied and meaty. The salmon belly and yellowtail were our favourites today, so much so that we ordered a repeat order of just those 2. Both just melted in your mouth, the yellowtail even more so than the salmon. Pretty good value too – the platter is $14, a plate of 2 pieces of yellowtail is $4, and the salmon belly is only $2.80. The tuna belly is a bit more expensive - $8 per plate of 2, so I won’t order it separately; I’ll just have it as part of the platter.

We also ordered a couple of new items. First, the unagi platter, which consists of various types of unagi sushi preparations. This was interesting, but sounded better than it tasted. Everything ended up tasting quite ordinary, so we won’t be ordering this again.

We also had a Cha Soba with Pan Fried Salmon. The presentation was quite interesting – 3 piles of cha soba, each with a slice of pan fried salmon topped with roe. Taste-wise, the salmon was good but a little overcooked, and the noodles were a bit slimy – definitely not up to Shimbashi Soba’s standard.

Even after some of the misses today, I’m still really happy that the aburi sushi is now on the permanent menu. I’m not sure for how long though, knowing the A&C curse, so every so often we’ll be making a pilgrimage to satisfy ourselves.

A says:

Aburi sushi rocked. It was a bit cold so not as good as last time. I think it tastes best when it’s hot off being seared. Recommendation is to get a platter to see what you like, then order extra.

Sushi Tei
#03-13/14 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6334-7887
Opening hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm daily.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you go to Sushi Tei, try the salmon ikura sushi. But it's terribly important to have it freshly-made. If it's been sitting on the conveyor belt, the seaweed becomes soggy and chewy, and the salmon and ikura become warm, and the whole thing is spoilt.