Saturday, August 18, 2007

Opera cupcakes

C says:

To celebrate A’s recovery and more importantly, the fact that I’ve got some free time again, I decided to practice the Opera cupcakes that I learnt at the cupcake class a couple of weeks ago. They turned out ok, I guess, but still not quite there compared to those we made with Lynn. I have no idea why – I blame my oven, heh heh.

A says:

Still a bit too neighbourhood bakery for my taste.


Anonymous said...

A is so atas!! Neighbourhood bakery stuff is very yummy what! ;p Anyhow the cupcakes look very good!

atetoomuch said...

Ya lor!! TSK. ;p

Unknown said...

Yours looks HEAPS better than mine! I am blaming the weather on this! My icing melted as soon as it came out of the bag!

atetoomuch said...

Oh, I actually stuck mine in the fridge for about 15 minutes for it to regain some semblance of form. I mixed it so much after multiple additions of the emulco that it was getting seriously melty. So I chilled it for a while, THEN filled up the piping bag. Seemed to work!