Saturday, August 25, 2007

Home-made pasta

C says:

After making the “Hostess” cupcakes, I was left with 5 egg yolks that I didn’t want to waste. I (foolishly) decided to make pasta – my very first attempt, adapting a recipe from good ol’ Jamie Oliver. Kneading it and rolling it out was quite a workout in itself. I don’t have a pasta machine, so I had to roll out the pasta sheets using a rolling pin. Halfway through I gave up, and enlisted A’s help. I must say, he rolls a pretty mean pasta dough – his were much thinner than mine. His cutting skills suck, though. ;p

I cooked the tagliatelle with clams and squid that we bought today from Greenwood Fish Market. They were Littleneck clams from New Zealand, and were huge. They were all cleaned so it was a breeze to cook with. The clams were really good quality – all of them were fresh and opened up upon cooking, so I didn’t have to throw a single one away.

I would like to cook this again, because there are a few things that I should/shouldn’t have done. But probably with store-bought pasta instead…

A says:

The pasta was pretty good but some were too thick. Good clam flavour but my problem with clams is there’s not enough meat. Next time, we’ll probably need to add more squid or scallops for texture.

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