Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Red Velvet Cake from Food For Thought

C says:

My colleague V surprised me with a slice of Red Velvet Cake from Food for Thought today (thanks, V!). Food For Thought is a joint that’s on A’s and my radar, but we haven’t had an opportunity to go yet. It’s a cafĂ©/diner situated opposite the National Library, that has as its slogan “good food for a good cause”. Part of its profits go towards social causes that the owners support, like bringing fresh water to less developed nations.

I’m certainly not one for causes; the only reason I’m keen to try the place is the array of interesting-sounding sandwiches and desserts. They’ve got a pulled pork sandwich that sounds pretty yummy, as well as a sinful kong bak one. Well, we can’t comment on the food till we actually go, but our preview with the cake is definitely promising.

Red velvet cake is a Southern chocolate cake, with a distinctive red colour and a white frosting – usually either cream cheese or buttercream. The one from Food For Thought is a combination of both – a light buttery cream cheese frosting that, while very tasty, tends to slightly overwhelm the cake. And the cake definitely ought to be the star. They got the texture of the cake here just right. It was moist, yet light and airy. Absolutely delicious. The colour is a bit of a red (har har) herring, because you would expect it to taste like raspberries or something, but it just tastes like a regular sponge cake with a hint of chocolate.

Note: the colour was traditionally from rhubarb and beetroot, but now most red velvet cakes just get their colour from red food colouring.

If the cake is any indication of the rest of the menu, then Food For Thought certainly has some pretty good stuff to offer. We’ll definitely be trying it soon. In the meantime, if anyone has eaten there, do share!

A says:

Not bad. Taste wasn’t what I expected from the looks of it. Thought it had a bit of bandung flavour from the colouring, but that could just be psychosomatic (addict insane)!

Food For Thought
420 North Bridge Road
North Bridge Centre
Tel: 6338-8724

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