Friday, August 17, 2007

By The Servings

C says:

Sorry for the silence. It’s been a frenetic week for atetoomuch, what with A being ill since National Day, then being hospitalized for a (false) dengue alarm. Well, thanks to everyone for their concern – we’re back now and can’t wait to pick up where we left off.

This is quite a random post, but worth a mention all the same. This hole-in-the-wall dessert shop at Market Street Car Park sells some bizarre concoctions, like peanut balls in rosebud syrup, and hawthorn nata de coco. To be honest, when they opened in late 2006, I didn’t really give them a second thought, and figured they wouldn’t last very long. Well, they’re still around and seem to be doing better than I thought. Y told me she saw quite a few boxes of their mochi when she went for lunch today, but by the time I was there at 7 pm after work, they only had a solitary box left. An assortment of 5 flavours – yam, red bean, peanut, sesame and green tea – for $3.50. Apparently their mochi is hand-made by a Japanese chef daily.

I must say it was surprisingly good. They’re quite generous with the filling, and the mochi itself is very light and soft. The only one that was a bit so-so was the yam, which was lacking in filling as well as flavour. The red bean is a winner, as is the green tea one. The sesame and peanut ones are like most ah ballings, but still no less tasty.

Y said they sell assortments as well as single-flavour boxes, so I guess one has to go early to be able to choose.

A says:

Not bad.

By The Servings
146 Market Street
#01-41 Market Street Car Park
Tel: 6536- 6739
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 8 pm. Closed Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.


Anonymous said...

The peanut ball in rosebud syrup is not really bizarre lah. Its really normal ah balling in ginger syrup lah, except this one has a few rosebuds floating around. And btw not just peanut balls. Also got black sesame balls if you want.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the mochi is really good, very soft with just the right amount of flour. And my colleagues and I love their mango and almond cream!

Anonymous said...

Dear Y and Anonymous, thank you for your positive comments of By The Servings.

Yes, the ah-ballings are placed in rose bud and ginger syrup, due to the exquisite taste and also, because of the high nutritional benefits of these two ingredients (good for insomnia, indigestion, etc). You can google to find out more!

Our bestsellers at the store are Mango Tango (fresh mangoes only, so margins are low!), Almond cream (Hand strained daily), Barley Gingko with Beancurd Skin (a friend's mother's secret recipe!) and many more. Do give us a ring anytime at 6536 6739. We do deliveries within the Shenton Way area. For parties and functions, do give us a ring 5 days in advance! Cheers!