Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sin Kee Chicken Rice

C says:

We chanced upon this stall in the Holland Drive hawker centre, because we were marooned here on Saturday morning during a downpour. This stall is somehow linked to the Margaret Drive chicken rice (both are called Sin Kee) – I think this one used to be at Mei Chin Road. I can’t remember what the association is; possibly some disagreement or something that led to one party opening their own stall.

Well, a comparison is inevitable. And the conclusion? The chicken here is really tender – even the breast meat is juicy and tender, possibly even more so than at Margaret Drive. However, as tender as it was, the chicken just seemed to lack the flavour oomph that Margaret Drive has. The chilli sauce here really packs a punch though.

The stall sells laksa too, which you can have with their chicken; we only discovered this after we ordered, so unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try it this time.

A says:

Chicken seems more tender, but the other place has more flavour. Rice is also a bit bland. Think I’d rather try the shredded chicken noodle instead.


Anonymous said...

A's mum: The original Sin Kee came from Smith Street and the old man, after relocating to Margaret Drive gave up the business. His son made a comeback with his father helping out at Mei Chin hawker centre (Margaret Drive is a copycat by relatives). Go in the afternoons as food runs out early. You must try the raw fish.

Anonymous said...

So this is the same guys selling Chicken Rice at Mei Chin Hawker Centre? Went there recently, only to find out they have moved :(