Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Daily Scoop

C says:

To top off our rather varied weekend, we dropped by this ice creamery for a little something sweet. It’s a quaint little café inside Sunset Way, at Clementi Arcade, selling interesting ice cream flavours. It’s kinda like a less poseur version of Island Creamery.

We shared a Nutty Macadamia, and a Cha (Earl Grey Tea). The Macadamia was very good – nice chunks of nuts and the ice cream had a very pronounced macadamia nut flavour. Better than the Haagen Daaz one, I think. The Cha was refreshingly different. It tasted like an Earl Grey tea with vanilla ice cream that you can get at most coffee joints. The Earl Grey bergamot flavour was very fragrant, but it could get a little too pungent and flowery if we didn’t have the macadamia there to tone it down a little.

The ice creams here definitely don’t feel as creamy and heavy as those at Island Creamery, so you don’t feel that guilty indulging in a scoop, or two… They’re also less fine, although I’m not sure whether that’s due to the lesser milk fat content in the ice cream, or to the quality of the ingredients. Anyway, since it’s fairly close by, we’ll definitely be dropping by more often to try some other flavours.

A says:

This place feels like the poor man’s Island Creamery, even though the prices are higher. Maybe it’s from the more laid back location. Overall, I still think I prefer Island Creamery since it’s cheaper and has better quality (more sinfully rich) ice cream. “If only there weren’t so many snotty kids there,” said the grumpy old man.

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