Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brunch at PS Cafe

C says:

A wanted to visit the Biennale exhibition at Tanglin Camp today, so we decided to try the brunch at PS Café. I tried to call earlier in the week to make a reservation, but the very long voice-recorded message said that for the moment, they don’t accept reservations for weekend brunch, and seating is on a first-come-first-served basis. We expected a long wait, but luckily we must have gone in an in-between breakfast and lunch time of 11 am, because there were quite a few tables available. Within half an hour, the place really filled up and some customers who arrived at 11.30 were turned away or had to wait.

For the first time, A went against his inherent belief that ‘we must try different things’, and we both had the same dish – the Portobello Mushroom Stack. This was 2 poached eggs on Portobello mushrooms, with grilled tomatoes, crispy bacon, wilted spinach and a creamy potato gratin. I must say that when it arrived, it was not what I expected. I expected a towering stack (hence the name) of layers of the various ingredients but instead, everything was placed around each other on the plate. The only things that were stacked on each other were the poached eggs onto the mushrooms.

The poached eggs were very oddly shaped – kinda like a cross section of a cone, if you can imagine it. The whites were also a little too runny for my liking. I guess we’ve been spoiled by the perfect poached eggs that they do at Choupinette. Generally, everything tasted alright but I was far from blown away, and at $22 a plate, I expected either something more, or better. The rest of the menu still looks interesting though. Maybe next time we’ll try the Bacon and Eggs, or the Coconut Waffles with bananas and bacon.

Brunch was saved somewhat by the dessert that we shared – a chocolate fudge ‘Black-out’ cake with hot fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream. This was decadent, and in my opinion, the cake and ice cream would have been sufficient. The fudge added too much richness and chocolatey sweetness, bringing it past the edge of yumminess into the realm of gelak.

This is still a nice place, but to be honest, I think you’re paying for the ambience rather than the food. It’s a nice place to chill on a Sunday morning, but if you’re looking for a good brunch, I’d much rather go to Choupinette. We’re aiming to try some of the other brunch joints in town, so maybe we’ll come up with some sort of list once we’re done.

A says:

I wouldn’t say the cake was really good though. Too chocolaty even for me. Definitely could do with more ice cream.

Considering the high prices ($20+ per dish), I expected it to be the usual high cost/small portions, but some of the dishes the other diners were having were HUGE! I’d definitely like to try at some point. Maybe once I’m out of debt.

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