Sunday, September 10, 2006


C says:

Quick one, since we’ve written about this before. A and I had dinner here again on Friday night, despite hearing a few none-too-great reviews from some friends recently.

Besides the beer marinated chicken wings, which I couldn’t not have, we decided to try all new dishes that night. We shared the curry chicken noodles, the Dragon fried wontons and one of their specials that day – a beef kebab. The kebab was just so-so; as far as kebabs go, they weren’t overdone and dry, but the meat wasn’t the greatest quality so it was a tad chewy. I wouldn’t order this again. The Dragon fried wontons are just a mixture of crab sticks and cream cheese, wrapped in wonton skin and deep fried. These were really good, the filling was like crab mayo which always suits me fine.

The curry chicken noodles with cockles was much better than expected. It was a proper Chinese curry gravy, untainted by any hint of peanut flavour which most curry noodles places seem to enjoy adding to the gravy. The curry gravy wasn’t too thick either – perfect consistency for drinking the gravy like a soup without feeling completely ill and bloated after. Flowerbed’s is quite a big serving, with about 5 pieces of chicken, 4 or 5 pieces of potato and about 6 cockles (which A ate), so if you want to sample some of their pretty good side dishes, again we’d recommend that you share the noodles.

A says:

The girl serving us was super blur but at least there wasn’t any cock-up in the order. The chicken curry was surprisingly good (better than the one at the Holland Village ipoh hor fun place). Everything else was pretty decent and the ice blended lychee rocked as expected.

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