Monday, September 11, 2006


C says:

After hearing so much about this place (it was named one of Singapore’s top 50 restaurants by Lifestyle recently, and was also in the top 10 best ramen places a while ago), we finally made a date with S and KH for lunch on Saturday. The place doesn’t accept reservations – you have to get there the moment they open if you want to secure a table without waiting in line. Opening hours are noon to 3 pm, and 6 to 10 pm. Already, when we got there at about 12.15, all the indoor seating was taken but we managed to snag one of the last few tables outside. It’s quite tiny, and is located in a little corner of Gallery Hotel at Mohd Sultan.

Unlike Ohsho, which was also on Lifestyle’s ramen list, I think Miharu deserves to be on the list. This is one of the best ramens I’ve had. Yes, the soups were pretty oily and a tad salty, but to me that made them all the more tasty. The noodles themselves are definitely the best I’ve had – they’re springy and have a great texture and bite to them. I absolutely hate mushy noodles so these were perfect for me.

The 4 of us tried different dishes so that we could have a taste of each other’s. I had the Kyushu soup, because I have a weakness for the thick pork bone stock. A had their speciality – the Miso soup. S had a fragrant sesame oil-laced Shoyu soup that tasted remarkably like the soy sauce that comes with steamed fish at Chinese dinners. Finally, KH had the cold ramen with a fragrant dipping sauce. I think my Kyushu soup was the best – it was thick and hearty; a tad salty but definitely the most flavour and body. S’s was pretty good too; not as salty as it looked and quite light yet fragrant. A’s may have been the house speciality but I didn’t find it that spectacular compared to the others. KH’s cold ramen was unfortunately named, because the dipping sauce was quite hot, so by the time the cold noodles were dunked, they were far from cold once you put them in your mouth. The sauce was interesting though – quite salty and very strong in sesame.

We headed over to Ichibantei for a soft ice-cream dessert – perfect end to a great lunch.

A says:

Expect long queues if you don’t get there within 15 mins of when it opens. We could only get tables outside when we got there at 12.15pm. While the food and service are good, I’m not sure it’ll be worth the long wait.

The food was really oily (and salty) but I’ve got no problem with that. Overall, very good ramen.

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