Sunday, September 24, 2006


C says:

A met me at my office on Friday night and we decided to go to Nanten for dinner - this Jap restaurant at the basement of Hong Leong building is a sort of sister restaurant of Ichibantei. Instead of having the ramen, we decided to go with the a la carte buffet since that’s only available at dinner time. For $30++ you have a fairly wide range of dishes to choose from, which is pretty worthwhile considering that you can order as much as you can eat.

Portions are quite small – an order of sushi comes with just 2 pieces, but that’s perfect for us because it lets us try more things. The quality of the food is really pretty good. We had some very good zaru soba, grilled teriyaki cod and teriyaki beef slices. The sushi was very good too – the unagi was nice and not bony (a sadly common feature in lots of unagi these days), and the salmon and tuna sushi, while looking rather insipid, was made with very good quality fish. I had a soft shell crab tempura and a shisamo as well, but the latter was a bit bony. We ordered the fried rice but I would give that a miss next time. The portion was huge and it filled us up.

All in all, though, very good value. We’ll definitely be coming back here again for Friday night dinners, since we try as far as possible to eat in the Raffles Place area after work to avoid Friday night traffic.

A says:

I really recommend the sushi. Very tasty. The staff missed a few of our dishes, but overall, they were pretty attentive. I heard the place is packed at lunchtime so I wouldn’t go then though.

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