Monday, September 18, 2006

Nanjya Monjya

C says:

We went with A’s friends on Saturday night to the branch at Waterfront Plaza (near Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel). The other branch is at Allson Hotel, which we tried a couple of years ago and weren’t all that impressed with. This branch specialises in table-top teppanyaki, I think, because most of the tables have a hot plate all ready for some teppanyaki action. Note: if you’re there in a big group, try not to sit near the hot plate because it does radiate a fair amount of heat all night.

Most of the thing we had were teppanyaki items, including something called Belly Pork Pizza which we didn’t expect to be teppanyaki. It was a Japanese pancake, which was a mixture of batter, spring onions and lots of cabbage, shaped into a disc and grilled on the hot plate. This takes AGES to cook but tastes pretty good. Ours would have tasted better if we had left the waitstaff to finish off the cooking process for us. We were so hungry that we kept checking it periodically and ate it the moment it was done. Later, after the other guys ordered it, we realised that if we had waited, we would have gotten the proper treatment of a few squirts of mayo, a thick brown sauce and bonito flakes. Darn.

The best dish that we had was the Geso Butter – squid tentacles grilled with butter and spring onions. The garlic fried rice was also fried on the teppanyaki grill and was pretty good, but overall, the prices are way more than I would pay for the quality of the food. The tuna steak was overdone, and the beef tenderloin wasn’t as good as the one at Aburiya.

I don’t think we’ll be coming back here again on our own accord.

A says:

The more senior staff provide really good service but some of the younger ones are really quite blur. Atmosphere is pretty nice too. The place is nice but not tops on my list.

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