Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Botak Jones – Clementi

C says:

Good news for those who don’t live in the North, and who don’t want to drive into the wilds of Tuas - Botak Jones has opened a third outlet in a much more accessible location: Block 325 Clementi Avenue 5. We went here with A’s folks on Sunday night, and based on the repeat stuff that we ordered (Botak burger, chicken wings, Chili), we’ve concluded that this outlet is better than the Ang Mo Kio one. It was most evident in the burger; we ordered the double, and the beef was juicier and more tasty than the one we had at AMK.

We tried a few more things as well. I had the rosemary lamb chops, and we tried some of the ribeye that A’s dad had. They were alright – the beef was better than the lamb, which didn’t have much flavour apart from the overwhelming rosemary, but the burger far outshone everything else.

We will probably come back to this outlet again, and just share a triple burger and nothing else.

A says:

Less crowded and food tastes better than the AMK one. Best of all, it’s in the West. The drinks store lady was a weirdo though.

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