Monday, July 17, 2006


C says:

We had a drinks party to attend on Friday night at Alley Bar, so we took the opportunity to go to Kazu again. They were out of the beef and cheese skewer that we had the last time and liked so much, so it was a chance for us to try some new things, like:

- shitake mushroom stuffed with minced chicken
- cheese stuffed sausage
- asparagus wrapped with bacon
- grilled squid tentacles
- kurobuta pork belly
- US beef short rib
- grilled unagi
- lamb chop
- soy marinated pork rib
- marbled pork with apple

We came here for a quick dinner before the party, but turned out to be not-so-quick after all, because it was absolutely packed, and the food took ages to arrive. The waitresses were very polite, even though they were clearly frazzled and overstretched. Friday nights/weekends are probably not the best times to come here, but the food was as good as ever.

A says:

I really like this place despite the very, very, very cramped tables. The lettuce they give at the beginning is great as a counterpoint to the bbq. We also just learnt that the little bamboo cup/thingy we thought was for the bill (like in other jap places) is for the skewers once you’re done. You can imagine how full ours was.

Also gotta give a shout out to my old (and i do mean old) friend S!

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Anonymous said...

Haven't tried the beef & cheese, but some other yummy stuff to try are:

golden mushroom
flying squid (with salt nicer than with sauce)
foie gras, foie gras, foie gras

Anonymous said...

Another kazu fan!

What I do is, when I make reservations, I pre-order some of the stuff I want. In fact, they seem to prefer people to do so. It probably helps them with their preparation too.

This way, I can avoid the disappointment of finding out that they've run out of what I want. And that's very important when I'm entertaining guests there.