Sunday, July 09, 2006

Café Iguana

C says:

We went to Café Iguana at Riverside Point (first time for me) on Friday night. The place was packed, and after trying the food, rightfully so. For someone who’s not a fan of Mexican food, I was pleasantly surprised with what we ordered, and may even consider a repeat visit to try some of the other items on the menu, especially their desserts.

A and I shared 2 starters and a main, because A’s friends had already finished eating when we got there so we didn’t want to hold everyone else up. We had the cheese and mushroom quesadillas, which were the best dish out of the 3. They tasted good enough on their own, but were served with a delicious tomato-based dip that had a hint of smokey bacon – very very nice. The beef mini chimichangas were pretty good too, but not outstanding. Our main course was the blackened tuna soft tacos – a few discs of blackened tuna were served on circles of soft tortilla, sprinkled with cabbage and served with rice and refried beans. The tuna, though slightly overdone, was still very well seasoned and tasty.

Happy hour is until 9 pm, so we had a Green Iguanarita (margarita with melon liqueur) and a Cazuela cocktail (tequila, with a blend of citrus juices and a splash of cassis). The Iguanarita was much better than the cocktail, which I guess is obvious given that this place is famed for its margaritas.

All in all, it was a pretty good dinner. The only downside, which prevented us from lingering there the entire evening, was the heat. Most of the seating is outside and therefore non-airconditioned, and Friday night was an inordinately warm and humid night, and after a while we just couldn’t take it and had to move on.

A says:

Food was surprisingly excellent. Staff were also very good considering how crowded it was. If you’re feeling like Mexican in Singapore, this is probably the place to go.

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