Tuesday, July 11, 2006

La Petite Cuisine

C says:

We tried a couple of new dishes at La Petite Cuisine on Saturday night. A had the Salmon Pasta, which has always been on the menu but we’ve never tried it, and I had something new – a Tuna with capsicum sauce.

The Salmon Pasta was tasty, but definitely short on the salmon. There were only a few tiny cubes of salmon, and a mountain of pasta, but the sauce was very delicate and interesting. Instead of the usual heavy and creamy sauce you’d come to expect from a salmon pasta, this was light and more buttery than creamy, with a hint of lemon adding an unexpected freshness. It would have been a perfect dish if they had been a little more generous with the salmon – they could increase the price by a dollar or two (it was $7) and I would gladly pay for more fish.

The tuna, though again slightly overdone (what is it with overdone tuna lately?), was very good for $9. A decent-sized piece of tuna was pan fried, and served with some parmesan rice. The tuna wasn’t sashimi quality, nor did I expect it for that price, but I have no complaints in terms of how it tasted. The seasoning was far better than the seared tuna we had at Da Paolo at Rochester.

Again, a very satisfying and fuss-free weekend dinner. Remember though that they are closed on Sundays.

A says:

I’ll skip the salmon pasta next time. Too much pasta, not enough salmon.

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