Tuesday, July 18, 2006


C says:

We seem to be Cuppage kids this weekend. On Saturday we went for ramen at Ohsho at Cuppage Plaza, after reading the article on the 10 best ramen dishes in Singapore (ok, so the article appeared in Sunday Lifestyle in March, but we never got round to trying the recommended places except Ichibantei). We actually wanted to try Ken’s Noodle House but we mistakenly thought that they were both located in Cuppage Plaza. Turns out Ken’s is at Orchard Plaza, across the road. Guess we have to make another visit to the Cuppage area soon.

Anyway, Ohsho was like nothing that I expected. I guess I expected a typical ramen restaurant like Ichibantei or Kyonichi ramen, but this place was a totally nondescript corner stall which I wouldn’t even have considered had it not been listed in the article.

I had the recommended Tamago Ramen, which has a creamy Kyushu-style soup, with 3 slices of tender chashu, lots of beansprouts and two halves of a hard boiled egg. The noodles were a lot thinner than the usual ramen that I’m used to. It was more like instant noodles than typical ramen. The chashu was nice and tender, but I was a little disappointed with the soup. After reading the article, I expected a creamy, fragrant soup since the chef apparently refuses to divulge his secret recipe. Instead, the soup, though tasty, was a little thin and flat. I found the Kyushu soup at Ichibantei much better.

A had an interesting dish called Stamina Ramen (didn’t really do much for his, though, haha). I’ll leave him to tell you about it.

A says:

As Japanese say, I good STAMINA!

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