Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thasevi Roti Prata, Jalan Kayu

C says:

We went here on Saturday night at about 11.30 pm. M&J had just arrived from Brisbane and are staying with J’s family in Seletar, so it made sense (at the time) to have supper at Jalan Kayu.

I’ll leave A to tell you more about the queue and the wait, but suffice to say that in the time that it took for us to get our food, we could have driven all the way to the Thomson prata place, eaten, and sent M&J back to Seletar.

A and I had had dinner already so we just ordered a kosong (plain) prata for A and a Maggi mee goreng for me. The curry that came with the prata was very good – not your typical thin, watery dishwater gravy that most pratas come with. This was a thick curry gravy, that tasted like it was a mutton curry gravy. The Maggi mee goring was pretty good too – not as good as the Prata Café one, but definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried in Singapore.

Still don’t think it was worth the wait, though.

A says:

Definitely not worth the wait, although I must say the staff were very upfront and told us when we ordered that the wait would be at least 30 to 45mins. They’re obviously very experienced as almost exactly 45mins later, our food started to arrive. And their system is pretty good since they didn’t cock up anything in our order.

Overall, I’m impressed with their professionalism in ordering, serving and taste, but the hygiene level leaves much to be desired. And I’m not willing to wait that long for prata. Especially when I think the Thompson prata places are better. Not going back anytime soon.

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