Sunday, July 30, 2006

Renaldo's (Crown Centre)

C says:

Once again, I have to give credit to my cousin C for yet another great recommendation. I would never have even stepped into this place, which is an apple strudel café at Crown Centre along Bukit Timah Road, if he hadn’t told us that it served good burgers.

After the Iggy’s burger, A and I have been in sort of a burger mood, so this is unofficially Burger Month. Thank goodness, for the sake of our waistlines and cholesterol levels, the month is coming to an end… We came here on Saturday night for dinner (they close at 9 so don’t come late) and each had their burger with the works – cheese, egg and bacon. A steal for only $5.50. A plain burger is just $3.80.

Maybe it’s because we came here without any expectations, but I was really very impressed with the burger. The meat was juicy, it was full of flavour because it was quite fatty, and the burger had just the right amount of chopped lettuce and tomato without being unwieldy and falling to pieces after the first bite (a la Carl’s Jr). I would have preferred the cheese to have been melted into the patty, but that’s just nitpicking. This was a simple, humble but very tasty burger, and I can honestly say that I preferred it to the Uberburger one. In fact, as far as burgers in Singapore go, I would rank this after the Iggy’s one, which is way up there in the Number 1 spot. However, we’re going to try the Wild Rocket one on Sunday so maybe I’ll change my mind.

There’s still a few more burger joints that we’d like to try, like the huge one from ‘Botak Jones’ and the trio of posh burgers at One Ninety. So maybe we won’t see an end to Burger Month just yet...

A says:

Very nice burger. Probably cause we added everything, and the meat had lots of fat. I assume getting a place isn’t a problem since it was nearly empty when we went and it’s more famous for the apple strudel anyway. Worth dropping by if you’re in the mood for an affordable, flavourful burger and some pastry dessert.

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Anonymous said...

Heh heh, glad you enjoyed the burger! You should have had a bucket of fries to go along... they are some of the best I've tasted too.