Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rabbit Stash

C says:

From humble beginnings as a private chef and later setting up shop at Pandan Valley condominium, Chef Matthew has now moved The Rabbit Stash to a cosy new home at Alexis condominium at Queensway, just down the road from Anchorpoint. We went there for dinner one evening with W, and had a very enjoyable meal.

They generally do multi-course tasting menus, ranging from 5, 7 and 9 courses, but you can also order off their a la carte menu. We went for the 7 course, which was $98.

We started with a simple salad followed by a lobster broth. The salad was somewhat forgettable, but the lobster broth with crab meat was very tasty - clean and flavourful without being too rich.

Next was foie gras with jamon. The foie didn't have as crisp an exterior as I would have liked, but I liked the pairing with the jamon that gave it a lot of depth.

The next two dishes were right up my alley - fried prawns with an assam sauce, and a glazed chicken wing. It helped that both had hints of Asian flavours, and were executed very well.

Apparently Chef Matthew is known for his meats, and that definitely showed in the main courses. A had the lamb rack and I had the ribeye. Both were outstanding - cooked perfectly with a dark charred crust and a perfect medium rare interior, and very flavourful and well seasoned. Based on the portion sizes of the earlier dishes we assumed that the main would be equally petite, but these were proper main course sizes.

After palate cleansing sorbets (or, herbal jelly for me), dessert was either a donut for me, or chocolate fondant for A. The fondant was delightfully oozy, but I still preferred my donut.

I like the atmosphere here - not too fancy or posh, it feels almost like a private dinner at someone's house. Given the generous portions of the meat main courses and the quality, the price tag is actually pretty reasonable for a 7 course dinner. All in all, a very understatedly pleasant dining experience.

A says:

They do the meats here perfectly. Everything else ranges from average to good. So my recommendation is that you definitely come here to have a 2- or 3-course meal.

The Rabbit Stash
354 Alexandra Road
#01-07 The Alexis
Tel: 9858-8607

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Anonymous said...

that's pretty steep, $98. I'm glad you enjoyed it.