Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Nana Curry

C says:

Along with Amara Shopping Centre's transformation to 100AM, Nana Curry, which used to be a stall within the food court, has expanded and is now a legitimate restaurant on the 3rd floor of 100AM. Although they're open on Saturdays, they tend to run out by dinner time, so on a Friday off we came here before the 12 noon lunch rush to satisfy my curry craving.

They have a pretty good Buddy Meal deal - $13 for a curry vegetable, curry chicken, 2 portions of rice or bread, and 2 glasses of barley. This was perfect for us, since I love the chicken and A likes the vegetable.

The curry is as good as I remember. The chicken is considerably spicier than the vegetable, which is precisely why I like and why A prefers the veg. It's a proper potent curry that's still thin enough to slurp up every last drop of gravy.

Not something I can have very frequently, but if I ever crave a curry that hasn't been dumbed down, this is where I'll be heading.

A says:

One of the best curries in Singapore. Also, the spiciness isn't dumbed down like most places nowadays. It doesn't burn in the mouth, but on the way down. I expect it will burn on the way out too. (Ewwww... heh heh).

The only problem here is actually the wait, which is good and bad - good because the food comes out piping hot, bad because you have to wait damn long for it. Oh and the curry sells out early so there's little chance for having a late dinner here.

So ultimately, if you like hot, spicy curry and have time to wait, this is the place to go.

Nana Curry
100 Tras Street
#03-14, 100AM
Tel: 6694-8108
Open daily: 11.30 am - 9.30 pm (or until curry runs out)

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