Wednesday, July 31, 2013


C says:

Brill took over the space at TripleOne Somerset that was previously occupied by Black coffee house. It usually looks forlornly empty, but something on their chalkboard menu - Pig Parts Don, made me mildly curious enough to try it one day.

As luck would have it, the pulled pork and pig intestine don wasn't available that day. I ended up ordering the Roast Beef Don instead. Strangely enough, they also had Gado Gado on the menu, and A, having had a satay gravy craving for a while, got that.

The beef don completely underwhelming. Slices of bland roast beef were placed on top of regular (I.e. not short grain Japanese) rice, with a strange onion gravy/puree. There were a few slices of pickled daikon and carrot, and some Chinese spinach that tasted like it was on the verge of going off.

The Gado Gado was deconstructed, and at best very ordinary. Just tasteless boiled vegetables for dipping into a bowl of satay gravy.

The only thing that was worth eating was their version of soft boiled eggs on toast, which they termed Onsen Tamago Toast. It was served in a soy dashi broth with a few drops of spicy sesame oil. The eggs were cooked well and the Japanese twist was quite pleasant.

Overall though, I simply don't know what they're trying to be. Japanese-named foods but with basic local element, and some Indonesian thrown into the mix. The menu and concept are confused, and it shows in the end result.

A says:

Meh. It's okay. A bit pricey. And there and many other places around the area I'd rather eat at.

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muchadoabouteating said...

I wonder if the pig parts don really exists. Dropped by multiple times and it's never ever available