Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Naked Finn

C says:

We've tried to make last minute dinner reservations on a Friday and Saturday here for quite some time now, to no avail. When we finally came here on a hazy Thursday evening, we realised why. It's located in a little standalone building of its own, and indoor seating is minimal, with only a few small tables and limited bar seating.

It's both a bar and a seafood restaurant, so they specialise in simply prepared seafood as well as sorbet-based cocktails. They have a few sampler platters for 2 and 4 persons, but we opted to order a la carte to try more things.

I personally think their Chilled Piquant Vermicelli is reason enough to plan a trip here. I honestly don't know what they put into it because it looks so plain and bland, but trust me - it's packed full of tart flavour and is truly addictive. Next time I swear we're having one plate each.

The chilled kangkong was pretty good too. Definitely the first time I've tried kangkong prepared this way - lightly blanched and served as a salad with a tart dressing and topped with fried shallots.

The littleneck clams came in a clear barramundi broth. The clams were meaty and fresh, and the broth was light but flavourful. Still, it was a bit too subtle for A.

It got increasingly more aggressive after that, though. The grilled baby squid packed a ton of smoky flavour, although A found the tiny spines still inside the squid just a tad disconcerting.

The grilled prawns with white wine and butter were the highlight of the meal for me (together with the vermicelli). The prawns were super fresh, were full of delicious head juice, and seasoned just perfectly to enhance but not detract from the prawny goodness.

The grilled diver scallop was also a winner. Possibly the sweetest and meatiest cooked scallop I've ever had, and again cooked and seasoned perfectly.

We shared a portion of the African lobster, which was again very fresh and well cooked, but seeing that I'm not a huge lobster fan, I'll gladly trade this for more bee hoon next time.

They're known for their sorbet-based cocktails - so created so that the drink can stay cold without the dilution caused by ice cubes. We had 2 delicious cocktails, one honeydew-based and one pear-based. For dessert, we had a homemade coconut sorbet that was the very essence of coconut - milk, flesh and water all rolled into one.

Because they're also a bar, they apparently serve supper after 10 pm. Currently it's a prawn noodle soup that looks absolutely to die for. Like all places that are in the running for our Best Of list, we're already planning our return visits for both dinner and supper.

A says:

Beehoon is awesome. Will be back for that. The only problem with this place is that it's so small, it's hard to get reservations. Parties of 2 should book at least a week in advance for Fri or Sat.

The Naked Finn
41 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks
Tel: 6694-0807
Monday - Thursday : 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday - Saturday & eves of PH : 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Supper & Cocktails:
Monday - Thursday : 10:00pm - 12:00mn
Friday - Saturday & eves of PH : 10:30pm - 2:00am
Sunday : Closed


Anonymous said...

looks good! how much did you spend for the above?

Yao said...

Just went there after reading your review.. it was yum! :)