Sunday, July 21, 2013

PasarBella - Le Patio and Huber's Deli

C says:

Our second trip to PasarBella, at lunchtime on a Sunday, fared much better than our first. We got there as Le Patio was finishing the crust on its massive paella, so I put in an order and waited about 10 minutes for it to be done.

For a pan that massive (about 1 metre in diameter), I’m impressed that they managed to attain a great consistency to the rice, and a good crust as well. The mussels were a bit small but the prawn was fresh and the chicken pieces were tender and succulent.

A’s hot dog from Huber’s Deli – a pork dog with sauerkraut and mustard, was a surprising hit. The sausage had quite a nice snap and on its own was quite salty, but was perfect once you had it with the sauerkraut and other condiments.

La Patio also makes dessert crepes – Nutella, salt caramel and lemon & sugar. A had the Nutella and I made a beeline for the salt caramel. A’s was predictably good, but my salt caramel was divine. The crepes were light and thin, they were pretty generous with the sauces, and most important of all, the salt caramel was a proper one with no shortage of salt.

I reiterate that I’m generally quite pleased with how PasarBella has turned out. I’m sure that the tenant mix will change and evolve in time. It remains to be seen how a buffet hotpot place like Maru Shabu will fare in a “farmers” market, but so far I’m quite happy with what they’ve put together.

A says:

Superb hot dog. Definitely my go-to choice here.

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