Thursday, November 08, 2007

Victor’s Kitchen

C says:

It seems that more and more people have discovered Victor’s – it was full at lunchtime on Deepavali (both the area outside the main shop and the other unit that he’s taken over a few stores away), and we had to shamelessly hover for about 5 minutes in order to get a table.

We tried a few new items today – the chicken and Chinese sausage glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf, and the fried man tou. The glutinous rice is one of their signature dishes; while very soft and fragrant, it’s too much for one person, given that A isn’t a lor mai gai fan, so I wont be ordering it again unless I have more people to share it with.

The fried man tou is a new dish – so new that it isn’t on the menu yet. You have to write it down separately, so practice writing “Zha Man Tou” in Chinese if you want to order it. Or, like me, just grab the waitress and ask her to write it for you. An order comes with 4 man tous, and a dipping sauce of condensed milk – deep fried bread with sweetened condensed milk, yum. Breakfast of champions… Strangely, though I love man tou and I love condensed milk, I wasn’t as enamoured with this dish as I expected to be. It was good, but I think I’d rather order something else next time, like the tried and tested King Prawn Har Kow.

A says:

Strangely, I didn’t dig the man tou too much. The chee cheong fan RAWKS though.

Victor’s Kitchen
Sunshine Plaza, #01-21
91 Bencoolen Street
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-9pm
Closed Monday

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