Friday, November 02, 2007

Raffles Creamery

C says:

Yet another new kid on the cold stone slab ice cream block. I think Swirl may have been the first one in Singapore, but for some reason it’s never quite taken off. Instead, places like Ice Cream Chefs and Raffles Creamery, which came later, have gotten way more press.

We’ve never tried Ice Cream Chefs cos it’s in the (gasp) East, but since we parked at Raffles Hotel, we chanced upon Raffles Creamery and decided to give it a try.

Specialising in ice cream mixed teppanyaki-style on a cold marble slab, at $5.90 per scoop with 1 or 2 toppings/mix-ins, this place certainly isn’t the cheapest, but you’re clearly paying a premium for good quality ingredients. I ordered the vanilla bean ice cream, and opted for just roasted macadamia nuts to be mixed in. The ice cream was full of vanilla seeds – an indication that they don’t skimp by using extract or (god forbid) essence. What really got me, though, were the macadamias. They poured in so many whole macadamias that I got one in almost every mouthful. Plus, they were really fresh and crunchy, with none of that slightly stale oil flavour that macadamias sometimes have.

A ordered the KitKat ice cream without any mix-ins. This was a letdown after the vanilla and macadamia. It was just an ordinary chocolate ice cream with some wafers inside. Ok, but nothing special.

I’m definitely coming back for another macadamia fix. Maybe I’ll have the macadamia nut caramel ice cream, and add macadamias. Or maybe that would be overkill.

A says:

It’s not bad. Way more worth it than the $10 milkshakes at Seah Street Deli at least.

Raffles Creamery
Raffles Hotel (opposite Seah Street Deli)
Open daily: 11 am to 10.30 pm

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