Wednesday, November 14, 2007

La Pizzaiola

C says:

This tiny little pizza bar is opening by a Singapore lady and her Italian chef husband. Apparently she was so moved by her unforgettable experiences in authentic pizzerias in Italy, that she was inspired to bring it to the masses in Singapore.

The sell pizzas by the slice, just like Da Paolo Gastronomia - cheaper at $4 a slice but also smaller in size. We shared a slice of the Quattro Formaggio, and a 12 inch Pancetta. While the regular 12 inch pizzas cost $13.90, the Pancetta is considered a gourmet pizza, so it costs $18.90.

Generally I’m not all that impressed. The pizza base wasn’t the thickest I’ve had, but it was hard and chewy, and the tomato sauce was just too sour, and it ended up overpowering the taste of the other toppings. The Pancetta was also quite a rip-off, because I hardly tasted any bacon; it was mainly onions and shitake mushrooms.

Personally, I wouldn’t have this again, but A didn’t mind it that much, and I guess it’s a fairly convenient place to swing by after our gym visits to pick up some takeout pizza. I’m just loath to waste my post-running calories eating sub-standard pizza.

A says:

A bit of a let down as I expected it to be quite good. It turned out to be quite average and I definitely think the gourmet pizzas are not worth it. Verdict: okay for a quick and simple single slice of pizza on the way home but not worth making a special trip out for it.

La Pizzaiola
43 Holland Drive
#01-63 (next to POSB)
Tel: 6779-5502
Open 10 am to 10 pm, closed Tuesdays

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