Friday, November 23, 2007

Pasticceria da Valentino

C says:

We got this heavenly-looking cake for a friend’s Thanksgiving party from Valentino’s pastry store, which is adjacent to the restaurant proper. This is the Chantilly al Cioccolato Bianco – the Chantilly and White Chocolate cake that we had at the restaurant for dessert, but this is the cake in all its whole glory.

I think this is a perfect party cake – I don’t think there’s any element of it that can be disliked. It’s not too rich the way some dense chocolate cakes can be; it’s not overly sweet; the sponge is light so it doesn’t weigh you down after dinner; and the cream is chantilly cream, not buttercream. It even comes in a really cute pink cake box, which is a nice change from bog-standard white boxes.

At $45 per kg, this certainly isn’t the cheapest cake around, but if you think about all the ingredients, effort and most of all, the end result, it’s certainly a much better deal than those Awfully Chocolate cakes, which are $40 per kg but are allegedly made by a neighbourhood bakery in Malaysia, and apparently sell for half that price in JB. I’d rather pay for good ingredients and skill than branding.

A says:

It’s okay, but no where near as good as their tiramisu.

Pasticceria da Valentino
7 Jalan Bingka
Tel: 6462-2760

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