Tuesday, July 03, 2007

F&N Alive Yogurt

C says:

Let me just say at the outset that I am not being paid/sponsored for this post (I wish, sigh…). I just wanted to do a quick write-up of a fairly new (I think) yogurt to hit supermarkets.

I’m not sure why more advertising dollars haven’t been spent to publicise F&N’s ‘Alive’ range of yogurts, cos I think they’re pretty damn good. They’re certainly better than most of the other local brands out there. I like that they don’t have the typical super-sour taste that most yogurts have. They currently come in four flavours:

- Banana and Pear
- Strawberry
- Apple and Pomelo
- Aloe Vera and Nata de Coco

My favourite is the Banana and Pear one. It almost tastes like a smoothie, with tiny bits of pear thrown in for texture. The Strawberry is a bit ordinary, but quite generous with the strawberry chunks. Apple and Pomelo is interesting but the least sweet of the lot, and Aloe Vera and Nata de Coco is the sweetest but also lacks a firm flavour.

This range of yogurts is quite watery, not thick and filling like some yogurts, so it definitely can’t act as a meal substitute. They’re good as desserts though, and since they’re low-fat, you can’t help but feel almost martyr-like as you reach for the bag of potato chips or the bar of chocolate.

A says:

I can only go for the banana and pear so I can only comment to that. It’s nice.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Ski Peach & Mango yogurt.
But will try this one, on your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I bought some F&N Alive yogurt, based on your recommendation. Just tried apple & pomelo. This is the most interesting yogurt I've ever tasted. I don't normally like pomelo because it's rather bitter, but the little pomelo bits go so nicely with the yogurt!

Also, my regular brand just has the foil cover. The extra plastic cover which comes with this brand is great for if you don't finish the whole cup and want to store it. And there's even a disposable spoon hidden under the cover.

Will try banana & pear tomorrow.

atetoomuch said...

Oh yay, you tried them! Not bad, eh? I just had the strawberry again today and it was chockful of strawberry chunks.

Anonymous said...

Guys - Just spotted the Alive cereal bars and bought one - it is pretty damn good....best tasting cereal bar I have had so far. Also its cheaper than the rest and the ingredients for Alive bars actually come from New Zealand...

Anonymous said...

just tried alive nata de coco & aloe....really a great taste,will definitely try the others!!

Anonymous said...

y is the apple and pomelo not available in a big tub???

Unknown said...

My favourite is apple & pamelo. I eat it everyday!!! However, I find it a bit too sweet. Is it possible to do something about it?