Monday, July 23, 2007

Brasserie Wolf revisited

C says:

The end of July is fast approaching, as is our deadline to take advantage of the DBS promotion at Brasserie Wolf, so when A had another early night at work tonight, we decided to head over there to get it over with, so to speak.

The place was packed, even on a Monday night. Not really sure why; maybe everyone’s rushing to dine there before month end. Or perhaps it’s partly due to the fact that Brussels Sprouts next door was closed…

Our dinner tonight confirmed that we won’t be coming back here unless there’s another promotion. Sure, the food wasn’t too bad, but I’d rather just pay a little more and go to L’Angelus instead. We ordered the lobster bisque to start with, and I had the Veal Chop with forest mushrooms and mashed potatoes, and A had the Rack of Lamb with ratatouille.

I have no major complaints about the food. The mushroom sauce that accompanied the veal was very flavourful, and the mashed potatoes were light and fluffy. The veal was slightly tough and bland, possibly due to the inherent nature of veal. A’s lamb was ok but again, nothing great.

What really got to me, and what will prevent me from returning, was how long the food took. When we arrived the place was about a third full; it only started filling up later. And yet, we waited almost half an hour with no sign of the lobster bisque. Imagine our surprise when after half an hour, the waiter came bearing our main courses. I pointed out that our soup hadn’t even arrived yet, but we were so hungry that we just accepted the order and had the soup halfway through. I wasn’t too impressed with the waiter’s rather blasĂ© attitude as well. Sure, he was apologetic, but not particularly sincerely so.

Well, we got a free main course out of them, so we got what we set out to achieve. I won’t say this place isn’t recommended, cos the food is pretty good and it’s quite reasonable. Just don’t come here for a quick dinner.

A says:

Last time wasn’t a fluke. This place has friendly staff, but the service is really damn slow. Definitely a place to go only if you are willing to wait, and are fine to just wine before you dine. So while the food is great (the bread they have RAWKS), I wouldn’t go back unless there was a special offer.

Brasserie Wolf
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-13 The Pier at Robertson
Tel: 68357818
Sunday to Thursday: 11 am to 10.30 pm (last order)
Friday and Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm (last order)

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