Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sultan Kebab

C says:

This place is a tad out of the way, but if you’re prepared for a 5 minute walk, it’s a good pre or post-movie meal option when you’re next at The Cathay.

Sultan Kebab is a simple little diner tucked away in Peace Centre. I’d call it a hole-in-the-wall place, but the phrase may give the wrong impression that it’s a bit seedy and less than hygienic. It couldn’t be further from the truth, though. In sharp contrast from the rest of the joints at Peace Centre, Sultan Kebab is clean, bright, and a welcome breath of fresh air.

Fresh from Turkey (well, not so fresh, cos Sultan Kebab has been open for just over a year), the place is run by 3 family members who, while harbouring a dream to open a full-fledged Turkish restaurant here, are in the meantime selling some no-frills but very tasty kebabs.

The menu here is pretty small – chicken or beef kebab (by kebab, I mean meat sliced off large rotating spits, not satay-esque skewered meat), served either with rice, in a tortilla, a hotdog bun, or Iskender style, which is meat piled on top of cubes of bread, with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. I went for the chicken with rice, and A had the beef in a tortilla.

The beef seems to be more popular, if the size of the spits is anything to go by. The chicken one still had lots of meat on it, but the beef was more considerably skimpier. Strangely enough, I actually preferred the chicken. It was marinated with some chilli and spices, and was flavourful without being overpowering. The chicken was also very tender and not dry at all. The rice was surprising, because it was a little on the sweet side, but together it was really addictive. I could easily have polished off another plate…

The beef, on the other hand, was a bit too strong, with the flavour of the meat overshadowing any marinade. The tortilla was definitely up A’s alley, but I’ll take my chicken and rice any day.

My one complaint about this place is that they don’t sell hot drinks – only cold canned drinks. I would have loved a latte or a cappuccino with my meal. Still, I’m glad we’ve found a new place to have lunch after catching a movie, and prices are definitely reasonable. The rolls and tortillas are only $5 each, and the rice and Iskender are $7. There was a fairly decent flow of customers ordering a few rolls to go, but it would be nice to see a bit more support for these guys who, judging from the immaculate nature of their store, are just interested in working hard and serving good food.

A says:

Friendly staff. Decent food. Relatively reasonable price. Although I think that the food at the Turkish restaurant at Rendezvous Hotel is better, overall, I’d rather come here. My only complaints would be the lack of hot drinks (i.e. coffee) and that they don’t have lamb on the menu.

Sultan Kebab
1 Sophia Road
#01-15 Peace Centre
Tel: 6338-8750
Open daily, 11 am to 9 pm (or until the meat runs out, whichever comes first)


Anonymous said...

I had some Turkish food around the world, this is ain't Turkish. I was on vacation and got seriously sick after eating there. I was there with my wife and she as well felt sick. We went to the doctor and after a expensive bill and a sour vacation the doc determined, it was salmonella poisoning.It is very salty. They one working there with his pony tail insulted me. He said I am Chinese and speak with an British accent, that wouldn't make me a Brit. I lived all my life in GB there are some excellent kebabs in GB. This food is just horrible. Anything anyone else says is either the owner or is lying.

Anonymous said...

The two turkish men that serv ethe kebab are RACIST !

They are rude to the point they speak bad about singapore and they think TURKEY is everyting the best attitude.

We dont like these fellows or their RACISM !

Maria said...

One of my favourite. their very tasty and yummy! very unique kebab.

Anonymous said...

They are such RACIST bunch of people!
Any Authority personal who read this, please do something to these 2 person... We really DONT welcome them here in our green and beautiful land. If they think So highly of themsleves, sent them home!