Friday, July 13, 2007

Tuckshop revisited

C says:

I needed another steak sandwich fix today because I couldn’t stop thinking about the one I had on Tuesday. A wasn’t feeling very hungry so he had the smoked salmon sandwich, but I went straight for the steak sandwich again.

If it’s even possible, today’s sandwich was even better than Tuesday’s, maybe because our group of about 8 overwhelmed them with steak sandwich orders. Today it was just us and another table, and the sandwich was exquisite. The steak was medium rare, tender and juicy, and the meat was sweeter than quite a few restaurant steaks I’ve had.

The salmon sandwich was a bit dull in comparison, but we expected that. At $6 it’s still good value, given that $6 will get you only a measly sandwich at Pret A Manger or Simpy Sandwich.

A says:

Salmon RuleZ! Except in this case, where the steak sandwich RAWKS! RAWKS! RAWKS!!!

Still, there was a substantial amount of smoked salmon filling in my sandwich so at less than half the price of a steak sandwich, it’s definitely a good buy.

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