Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cappadocia Café

C says:

The Cathay is our current cinema of choice, mainly because the seats are comfy and it’s not too crowded on a Saturday morning. The problem is a lack of good eating places in the vicinity. After the disappointment of the Rendezvous Nasi Padang, we were a but stuck on Saturday for a lunch option after watching Transformers. In the end we decided to try the Turkish café in Rendezvous Hotel – Cappadocia.

This place seems to be fairly authentic, since it was mentioned in an article about eating places frequented by homesick expats. It’s a nice causal place, simply decorated, with only a flag, some cushions and a shisha pipe to distinguish it as a Turkish joint.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share. The Doner Iskender is one of their specialities, and comprises sliced chicken kebab on a pile of bread cubes, topped with a sweet chilli sauce and yogurt. This turned out a lot better than I expected – the chicken was charred and flavoured, and the combination of the sauce and yogurt was creamy, tart and sweet all at once. And I like the fact that the bread was cut up into cubes – it soaked up the sauce really well.

We also ordered a Turkish version of pizza with sliced roast lamb, mozzarella and egg. This had a cleaner, more subtle taste than the Doner, but was good too. I liked the fresh tomatoes on the pizza, and the egg gave it a rich and creamy finishing touch.

The Turks certainly take their coffee seriously. I ordered the Turkish coffee, and while it was an interesting experience, I think I’ll pass next time. It was really strong and thick, and I only managed to drink half of it because the second half was pretty much all coffee grounds. A’s cappuccino fared much better.

This turned out a lot better than expected. I won’t come all the way just to eat here, but it’s certainly a viable option whenever we’re at the Cathay for a movie. Also worth noting: their main branch is apparently at Robertson Walk where the menu may be more comprehensive, and some internet searches show that there’s another branch at Rail Mall too, though I’m not sure how up to date that info is.

A says:

Very good flavour, but the taste of the meat tends to get lost. It’s also just a bit pricy for the size of the portions. It’s an interesting place to try if you’re in the area, but nothing I’d go out of my way for.

Note to self: Cappuccino is rich and foamy.

Cappadocia Café & Restaurant
9 Bras Basah Road
#01-02, Hotel Rendezvous
Tel: 6337-9982
Open daily, 11 am to 10 pm (last order 9.30 pm)

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Anonymous said...

Been to the Robertson Walk branch twice. Unimpressed.