Thursday, July 05, 2007

Krispy Kreme – assorted

C says:

My colleague P went to London on a business trip, and brought back 3 dozen Krispy Kremes for our team (mad props to P, as A would say). He brought back an assortment, which was a good chance for me to try some of their other flavours, since we only ever bother carting home the Original Glazed.

Some of us cut up the donuts into bite sizes pieces so that we could try as many varieties as possible. The Glazed Lemon-filled was pretty good, and better than the strawberry and raspberry filled ones. Out of the 2 Chocolate Iced filled donuts, the Custard-filled was better than the Kreme-filled – it was more subtle and less cloyingly sweet. I personally didn’t like the Glazed Cruller and Glazed Chocolate Cake varieties (the 2 slightly oddly-shaped ones) because they were quite dense and heavy, and more cake-like than light and airy. The Maple Iced one was a little too sweet, but the Apple-filled Cinnamon one was pretty good.

This has reinforced my opinion that the Original Glazed ones are still the way to go. The rest of the flavours, while certainly interesting and novel, are similar in texture to most generic bakery donuts, and simply don’t have that lighter than air feature that only the Original Glazeds have. Maybe it’s because only the Original Glazeds are made with their patented conveyor belt system.

Still, it was loads of fun sampling all the flavours, and all things said and done, a Krispy Kreme is a still Krispy Kreme.

A says:

C never get for me!

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